A history of Phonix Rado Crystal:
In the past, only a few developed countries including Czech, Italy and Germany had the technology of producing high quality crystal wares. In Iran and over the past years, some activities had been performed in the field of production of crystal dishes however, there was still a long path ahead for the development.
Mohamad movahedi radAround 2008, with more than 20 years of experience in this field, “MohammadReza Movahedi Rad” was acquainted with a company which produced and designed crystal wares, after which he decided to cooperate with the company.
At that time, the company was managed by senior managers whose concern was to develop and improve the quality of their products and had devoted their many years of experience and effort to improving the quality of the crystal wares. One of these senior managers was “Seyyed Masoud Taqavi“, the current CEO of company who had dedicated his many years of experience and study to produce high quality crystal wares. Of course with their efforts, other craftsmen of the company including the skilled glass blowers and crystal carvers have always helped the company’s growing trend and their efforts have to be appreciated.

Also, due to their exceptional crafts, the cooperation and familiarity with experienced Iranian craftsmen further strengthened the company. The Craftsmen who were skilled at producing all types of molds and carving the crystal wares. Cooperation and friendly interaction of all members of this team provided a suitable ground for development in the area of national and domestic production.
Finally, through analyzing the market and cooperation with these experienced managers, Mohammad Reza Movahedi Rad who dreamt of being a producer from the young age, could lead the company, maintain its growing trend and meet the market needs including the need for crystal wares for preparation of the dowry or crystal wares and chandeliers as suitable gifts.

His first step was to design the crystal wares. Being aware of taste of the Iranian and using his talent, he designed crystal wares with entirely new designs, the designs in which the customers were really interested and could meet their demands.

Since 2009, the company along with its staff have seriously been working in the area of production of crystal wares and now the company is producing the most diverse crystal wares in the market.

Considering the high volume production and the high quality of the Phonix crystal wares, not only this company has consolidated its position in the domestic market, but also its products have been welcomed by the rich neighboring countries. We are proud that Phonix products will soon be available in the European markets.

Today we can say with certainty that with a productive capacity more than its overseas competitors, Phonix will keep continue producing the crystal wares and that the managers will always seek to improve and enhance the production quality.

Last but not least, we are proud to say that the constructive suggestions of our dear customers and experienced friends are very helpful for us and are highly appreciated.